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Why Mark?

If you are organizing an event you are looking for an experienced and inspiring speaker. Someone with a good story, who has refreshing ideas and someone who can keep participants on the edge of their seats.

8. Inspired and inspiring speaker

Mark is an inspired speaker who inspires participants and leaves them on the edge of their seats. Mark has been asked to give TEDx Talks twice for this reason.

7. Expert for TV, radio and newspaper

Mark is an expert in his field and for that reason is regularly interviewed for various TV and radio programs.

6. Bestselling author

Mark knows what he’s talking about. He has written six books on the brain. It has sold more than 260,000 copies in the Netherlands and his books have been translated into four languages.

5. Lots of humor and energetic

In addition to new knowledge and insights, a lecture should above all be fun to attend. Mark’s lectures are therefore energetic and full of humor.

4. 20 years of experience and more than 1,550 lectures given

Mark is a very experienced speaker. He has experience with virtually every industry. He speaks in front of small groups as well as at large conferences of thousands of participants.

3. Scientifically based & super practical

You want participants to gain new insights, but you also want them to be well-founded. So much of Mark’s work is speaking with scientists and translating their research into practical insights that you can put happiness to use.

2. Interactive

No one wants a boring lecture. Mark uses few slides for this reason. His sessions are mostly interactive. That way, the material also sticks with the participants much better.

1. Tailored to your organization and event

Nothing is as bad as a presenter who always has the same story. Therefore, before Mark gives his session, there is always an online intake with client. Here we find out the requirements and coordinate the content together. Each lecture is thus customized and tailored to the people in the room.

Others about Mark

“An extremely friendly trainer, who listened well and really answered questions. Innovative insights and clear tips.”

“Mark is a fantastic speaker. We hire him every year. Each time it’s a new story, tailored to what’s going on at the time.”

“Mark Tigchelaar is the younger version of Erik Scherder. Enthusiastic, a lot of knowledge about the brain and knows how to convey this to the participants in a fun way.”

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