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Inspirational speaker

– Are you organizing an event?
– Looking for an inspirational speaker?
– Do you want participants to gain new insights?

Then book Mark Tigchelaar

Mark Tigchelaar is an experienced speaker who enthusiastically shares the latest insights from neuropsychology. His presentations are full of humor, are interactive, contain many real-life examples and are tremendously practical.




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Mark's expertise is suitable for events about

Mark shares the latest findings from science and translates them into practical insights.

Vitality/ Well-being/ Mental Health

Increase resilience, taxability and resilience.

The brain/ Neuropsychology

Understand how the brain works so you can get more out of it.

Stress/ Work-life balance

Decrease stress and get a grip on emotions.

Focus/ Time management/ Flow

Get peace, overview and control in the hectic pace of the day.

Productivity/ Goals

Anyone can sprint. Discover how to structurally get more done.

Behavior Change/ Habits

Create good habits and stop bad habits.

What to expect

Interactive. Humor. Practical. Science-based. Case examples. Customized to your event.


On-site, online or hybrid

Mark has experience in every form and tailors his lectures accordingly.

Dutch or English

Mark gives many lectures abroad and is fluent in English.

Books for participants

Give participants Mark’s book and increase the impact.

The steps

Request a quote

Request a quote and inquire about the possibilities.

Online intake

Coordinate the content of the keynote with Mark.

Amazing event!

The lecture has been tailored to fit the context and your organization.

See Mark at work?

Keynote at the Getting Things Done Summit

How to thrive in the age of distractions

How do we stop getting distracted?

The gas station in the brain

Clients who came before you

What others are saying

“An extremely friendly trainer, who listened well and really answered questions. Innovative insights and clear tips.”

“Mark is a fantastic speaker. We hire him every year. Each time it’s a new story, tailored to what’s going on at the time.”

“Mark Tigchelaar is the younger version of Erik Scherder. Enthusiastic, a lot of knowledge about the brain and knows how to convey this to the participants in a fun way.”

Keynotes Overview


Distraction is a growing problem. In this practical session, Mark shows us how to regain control of our attention. The effect: peace, overview and control in even the most hectic work environment.

The Dopamine Game

We are inundated with digital interruptions. These are designed to be hard to resist. In this inspiring keynote, Mark shows us how to break free from this without missing anything. The effect: more peace and space to dive into depth.

Behavior Change 101

Our lives are largely determined by our daily habits. In this inspiring keynote, Mark shows how we create lasting behavior change. The effect: you can easily adopt new habits and stop bad habits.

Book Mark as a speaker?

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