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Everything we do comes from our brain. Discover how the brain works and get a grip on: stress, vitality, distraction and productivity.

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Knowledge & inspiration

– Are you organizing an event?
– Looking for an inspirational speaker?
– Want a keynote with strong content?

Then book Mark Tigchelaar:
– Inspirational speaker, with humor.
– The latest findings from neuroscience.
– Practical insights that you can use straight away.

With more than 110 presentations a year, Mark Tigchelaar is one of the most booked speakers in Europe.

Topics Mark talks a lot about

Reduce stress

with new insights from neuropsychology

Get a grip on workload

And get more done structurally

Get a grip on distractions

We don’t need more time. We need fewer distractions

Understand your the brain

and increase your productivity

Focus and brain expert. Speaker. Bestselling author.

Mark Tigchelaar studied neuropsychology and is an expert on focus, the brain and vitality. He wrote six books on these topics (which have been published in five languages). And with more than 110 lectures a year, he is one of the most sought-after speakers in Europe.

Our brain is the basis of our work

Everything we do comes from our brain. Knowing how our brains work gives you a grip on the following challenges:

High workload

We don’t need more time, we need less distractions. Unnecessary interruptions cost us 2 hours a day.

Delusion of the day

Distractions cause us to be lived by the delusion of the day and fall behind. Take back control.

Low productivity

Constantly checking your phone or email makes it difficult to dive into depth. As a result, we are mostly busy, but not productive.


Every time we are interrupted, cortisol (stress hormone) is released in our brain. You often don’t feel it right away, but it completely exhausts our minds.

Organizations that hire Mark

What others are saying

“An extremely friendly trainer, who listened well and really answered questions. Innovative insights and clear tips.”

“Mark is a fantastic speaker. We hire him every year. Each time it’s a new story, tailored to what’s going on at the time.”

“Mark Tigchelaar is the younger version of Erik Scherder. Enthusiastic, a lot of knowledge about the brain and knows how to convey this to the participants in a fun way.”

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